Electro Fusion Joints

Electro Fusion Joints are by far the strongest solution available.

This system is designed to join lengths of pre-insulated pipes with HDPE Heat Shrinkable Joints by using a computer controlled thermoplastic welding process. In this process the joint and the pre-insulated pipe is fused into one uniformity length. By using identical materials for both joint and casing pipe, we ensure perfect compatibility.

Use the electro fusion joints system to keep your heat loss at a minimum. The system will remain sealed and provide maximum safety and durability.

Industry statistics document that electro fusion joints are currently the most reliable jointing. Furthermore, the fusing eliminates maintenance, repair costs and any costs resulting from the following effects of damage or leaks.


  • Strongest solution available
  • Identical materials used for both joint and pipe
  • The fusion of the casing joint and casing pipe
  • Result in a uniformity length

The electro fusion joint is certified according to EN489.

Certificate (link)

District heating / cooling

We are a supplier of all types of HDPE products for district heating and cooling including reductions, bends and plugs.

Our products are characterised by their high quality and hardwearing. We are able to provide you with special measurements and solutions that will suit your appliances.

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